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Brasserie la Binchoise
7130 Binche
Fondée en 1847
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Brasserie la Binchoise (Binche - Belgium)

Faubourg Saint Paul, 38
B-7130 Binche


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In 1986, to celebrate the Belgian Year of Beer, André Graux embarked upon the development of a high-fermentation traditional beer.

As soon as 1987, the Fakir and Réserve Marie de Hongrie beers are ready for commercialisation. Both beers, further renamed Binchoise Blonde and Binchoise Brune, will be complemented by honey-flavoured Bière des Ours (litteraly Bears’ Beer), Flora and Cuvée Spéciale Noël (Special Christmas Beer).

At the 1995 World Beer Championships in Chicago, the brewery won a Platinum Medal with its Spéciale Noël and the Gold Medal with its Bière des Ours. The brewery is set for a fresh start and competes on a global stage.

Their Beers

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Beer Style Special Bottle ABV
Binchoise blondeLight ale, light gold colour, slightly cloudy. Aromatized with aromatic hops, coriander and orange shell, this pure malt beer is often assimilated to a white beer. blonde glass beer
6.2% 25cl , 33cl , 75cl bottle
Binchoise bruneVery dark brown colour due to roasted malt, abundant slightly ambered foam brown glass beer
8.2% 25cl , 33cl , 75cl bottle
Binchoise rose flavoured   beer
4.5% 33cl bottle
Binchoise floraThis beer, brewed in the spring, originates from two varieties of malts and hops. Straightforward taste with very pronounced malt flavour. Amber colour with very abundant white foam. blonde   beer
7.0% 33cl , 75cl bottle
Binchoise bier des OursIts originality derives from the incorporation of honey before main fermentation. The honey brings softness and flavours but also a significant alcohol content through fermentation of the fermentable sugars it contains. flavoured   beer
8.4% 33cl , 75cl bottle
Binchoise noelWinter beer, the strongest and mostly aromatized of the range. Very aromatic nose and body, it combines a complex taste and delicate bitterness. Bright amber colour. Became famous in 1995 after winning a Platinum Medal at the World Beer Championships in Chicago. winter beer glass beer
9.0% bottle
Binchoise la Belge special   beer
5.0% bottle

The brewery also brews a range of beers (Gribousine) for the Abbaye de Malonne (Malonne).

Bincloise la Belge ('Belgium Beer')

Amber beer with subtle bitterness, La Belge is the latest acquisition of La Binchoise’s product range.

To enjoy it even more, here is a brief insight into the history of this beer:

In the early 20th century, concerned by the resounding success of English beers in Belgium, teachers of the various brewing schools decided to create a typical Belgian beer.

Here is how the idea came about… The country, renown for its diversity of beer production, needed a fashionable, state-of-the-art beer able to satisfy even the most delicate palate.

The specifications of this new type of beer were rather vague. Raw materials were at the sole discretion of the brewer, primitive density had to be comprised between 4,5 and 5°, the selling price was set to 15-20 cents per glass,...

A competition was organized during the preparation for the Universal Exhibitation to be held in Liege in 1904. Seventy-three participants joined the contest, of which fifty-seven in the high-fermentation beer category, seven in the low-fermentation field and nine in the spontaneous fermentation category.

In the high-fermentation category, Brasserie Binard from Chatelineau was granted the first price for its bottle beer named ‘Belge du Faleau’.

This was quite an atypical beer at that time. Indeed, almost all domestic beers were dark, while this one was amber.

On the back of the astounding success experienced by the ‘Belge du Faleau’, many breweries from the Hainaut area started to imitate it. In naming their beers, brewers always had the word ‘Belge’ followed by the name of their breweries (most of the time).

As a result, Belgian beers were brewed at Marchienne-au-Pont by Les Allies, at Anderlues by Ponselet, at La Buissiere by Croquet, at Bracquegnies by Waterloo, at Leval by Adant, at Tournai by Ligne etc.

However the most famous of all Belgian beers came from Delbruyere’s brewery. This was produced until 1978.

As all these breweries no longer exist, La Binchoise brewery is proud to offer you its ‘Belgian beer’ to reconnect with history and uphold the brewing tradition of this typical Hainaut beer.

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